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Packaged in a Refill friendly pouch, this original blend of Tepane Tea is made from 100% purely ground Black Bush tea leaves. The tea leaves are indigenous to the Bapedi people. This tea has been enjoyed for over five decades in Limpopo. The Tepane Orange spiced is a Rejuvenation Tea – Providing all benefit of Tepane Tea while providing Rejuvenation of energy levels, mood and overall vitality. A lack of adequate nutrition is one of the primary contributors to a weak immune system.

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The Tepane Orange spiced is a fruity summer-time tea that is packed with Anti-Oxidants such as Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, E, Iron and Zinc which supports good health and assists in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Tepane tea contains anti-fatigue and immune boosting properties.
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that plays a role in immune health.
Iron is an essential mineral for red blood cell production. It impacts energy levels and cognition by transporting oxygen throughout the body. The combination iron and vitamin C is essential for increased absorption of iron.
Zinc is an essential mineral that benefits the immune system and can help support digestion. Tepane Tea also contains copper which ensures an ideal balance of minerals.
80g Makes 30 – 40 servings.
Ingredients: Tepane Black Bush Tea, Dried Orange Slices, Orange extract, Cinnamon, Star Aniseed, Black pepper corns.

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