IVK Bar Stool


Dimensions: 550 x 510 x 1040 mm
• 100% Recyclable Fibre-Cane
• Suitable for the domestic, hospitality and corporate sectors
• Locally produced, contributing to the South African economy
• Specifically designed for our harsh African climate
• Double UV Sterilized protecting from fading, cracking and peeling
• Mould resistant and easy to clean
• Long lasting weatherproof
• Rich and long lasting colour
• Low Maintenance

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Fibre-cane has the appearance of rattan or wicker furniture, but unlike the latter is able to withstand exposure to the elements – rain or shine.
The fibre-cane which Alifurn uses in the manufacture of its outdoor furniture is 100% synthetic high density polyethylene – we’ve added two UV stabilisers to this plastic to prevent fading and cracking, rendering it completely weatherproof. Rather than merely being applied to the surface of the material, high quality colour pigments are added during the extrusion process, achieving rich and long-lasting colours.
100% Recyclable Fibre-Cane
Lead Time is 4 - 6 weeks

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 55 × 51 × 104 cm

Flat, Round


Charcoal, White, Smokey White, Mushroom, Kubu Grey, Mocha Tone, Bronze


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